[PURIST FIG] Commander Cody Phase II

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Commander Cody has always been my favorite character of the Clone Wars Era despite his betrayal of his Jedi master, General Kenobi. I decided that, since I had a few 212th battalion figures around, to try to make as accurate of a phase 2 Cody as possible. This is the result.


-The main body is that of the Clone Wars Commander Cody.

-The legs are of the 212th Airborne Trooper.

-The helmet is from the 212th Trooper.

-The head is from Boba Fett.

-The backpack is from a First Order Stormtrooper polybag.

-The hair is a military-style black haircut.

-The rifle is composed of a blaster rifle and a black connector piece.

-The Palpatine hologram is from the Republic Frigate.

The binoculars are macro-binoculars.


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I am trying to create my own custom Commander Cody and would like to see yours as a guide, but unfortunately none of my devices would load your picture. If possible could you please send it to


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Damn, that's a good idea for the arms!

I actually made a purist Phase II Cody as well, though not as expansive yet. I just swapped helmets and added a white pauldron from a stormtrooper somewhere.
So, not very accurate either :blush:
I'll be looking into the suggestions from this topic, now. It really is too bad there's no orange visor-thingy. Hopefully LEGO comes with an official fig though, someday.


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