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Receiving transmission: 

"Commandant. We have designed a new weapon for your command. May we introduce to you, the SW-K10. We nicknamed him.. "The Sasquatch". This combat walker is equipped with corrosive pyromite flamethrowers that will melt the armor from the outside and cook everything in the inside. This pyromite chemical will stick to any surface and continue to burn up to 5 hours on it's own. For ranged combat, we added some explosive tip medium range missiles to help you get closer to the enemies. We do not recommend to get up close and personal but as a last case scenario, we added some plasmite claws that heat up and help you claw trough heavier armor like it's paper. The SW-K10 is a medium class mech with high armor so it's only weakness is the slow movement speed. But the armor should make you durable enough to withstand long ranged weaponry for a short duration. Use terrain as your advantage and get to medium or short range to wreak havoc to the enemies. We have sent you 10 SW-K10's to aid you in your next mission." -Mech build lab






"Ten SW-K10's deployed. Let's turn up the heat and roast some aliens." -Commandant 

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"Attention mech build lab! We have discovered hidden bruiser potential on the SW-K10 mech. So we switched the arms around to give the sasquatch more brawling power in melee combat. Also we changed the flamer fuel lines higher to give us safer blocking with the flamer arms. The old fuel line system was more powerful but it was prone to getting cut when blocking an attack. The flamer now has a shorter range but melee power is higher. " -Commandant 


Receiving transmission. 
"We have received your message and will continue development and upgrade all the existing models with the new changes. Thank you for your feedback, commandant." -Mech build lab

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