ALCO diesel RSD-12 loco (6 wide) train MOC - real world build

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This model was originally a ALCO MRS-1 built by Anthony Sava, but has been so severely modified that it no longer looks like the prototype loco. So I went searching And found another ALCO locomotive, a RSD-12 that looks like my loco. Both my model and the prototype have the six wheels, and the same basic hood and cab design, plus the curved ends match the RSD-12 better than the sharp-ended MRS-1.


..and here is my Lego model of it, as Brick Railway Systems loco number 7924.


I even thought about putting two of this part under the headlights at both ends,  but I think the model looks better the way it is now.

NOTE: The printed letter tiles with the railroad's initials "BRS" will go on the long hood. I misplaced the two letter "R" tiles, and need to order some more, but the rest of the letters are on my desk. (They are hard to keep from rotating without the middle letters to hold the others in place, so they are not on the model yet.)


The center axles on these six-wheel bogies slide left and right to allow for tight turns on switches and flex-track. I took Anthony Sava's original design and beefed it up, making it a lot stronger and a little taller.


Here is the picture (not mine) I found that matched my model. I also believe this is the last ALCO RSD-12 left. (I could be wrong, though.) The photo is originally from here.

Here is the LDD file for the diesel loco as shown above. Comments, Questions, Suggestions, and Complaints are always welcome!

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Sorry for the slight bump, but the first post has now been updated with new pictures of the model in real life and a updated LDD file.

As usual, Comments, Questions, Suggestions, and Complaints are always welcome!

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This model was built a while ago in real bricks with a black section on the top of the yellow stripe, as seen in the first post.


I have since revised the model to have more yellow with a modified roof... I just need to buy the remaining bricks in real life.


Updated real world model pictures coming as soon as possible.

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