[MOC] Nebulon-b Escort Frigate

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This is the long worked on Lego Nebulon-b Escort Frigate.

I started building this one day a month ago when I was looking for something challenging to build. I did a quick google on rebel ships, and decided to do this one. 

I saw another, way bigger version of this on eurobricks, and I used that as a little reference, too. The ship is very sturdy, and the way it is built is very cool. Here's an overview picture and I will go into more detail in other pictures. (Just so you know this isn't the Redemtion, that's why the pods are different colors)

(It is swooshable, and I intend on making an instruction manual for you guys).





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Hello @AWproductions, welcome to eurobricks!

Unfortunately it seems the pictures have not loaded, perhaps you may want to upload them to a site like Flickr and then embed them here?

Look forward to seeing your build!

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Hi AW, welcome to Eurobricks!

Well built Nebulon - a god moc is great way to introduce oneself here :)

I like your alternative colour scheme and pod design - not all Nebulons carries the same pods as the Redemption.

I'm also a fan of you stand and display card - very clean!

I would suggest putting a few transparent brick under the sword, it seems to be sagging a bit in the front.

Good job! 

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