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[WIP] Toyota TS050 Le Mans race car in scale 1:20 (LEGOLand Miniland scale)

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I'm still trying to finish this model. Here is my current progress on the complete rebuild:



The front has received new headlights and I have been able to include wedges for a lot of the coloring, so that it no longer has as many stepped plates to represent triangles. I'm running low on the 2x2 wings, hence the orange ones. This should be fixed soon enough. The major challenge with the front is now the cockpit. I will try to make a brick built version to see if that works better than the current transparent windscreen version.



Up back we have a new rear diffuser, rear wing, and a new flow along the body with more space between the body parts.

Here the challenge is to make the lines flow along the tail fin. This will probably demand some retries before I get it right.

To be continued...

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It only took a little over a year, but now the complete model is again built!

I am trying out a new way of building the monocoque. The goal is to recreate the smooth rounded shape of the real thing.


While I believe the sides are alright, the front center right above the curved black part should be redesigned.

Moving to the back you can see a new tail fin, exhaust tips, fuel intake and top curvature.


I think I should move the black triangle a stud or two back, but unfortunately that causes the straight lower black line to be broken up. Similarly we have the red part right next to it. While it now looks more correct from the side, the smooth curve of the roof line is messed up. I will also have to redesign this if possible.

Next update in March 2020! ... or sooner.


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The next update came soon!


I have rebuilt the top of the TS050 seen in the post a few days ago. The 'silver' position above the windscreen now has more flowing lines. It took half an hour just to get the slopes right! The portion with the red wedge has also been redesigned so it follows the curved lines of the original better, while the black slope on the shark tail has been moved back to its rightful position. Other improvements include more sturdiness and small corrections here and there.
The next step will be to rebuild the car from the ground-up in order to improve sturdiness even more. As an example, I will have to mount the front axle differently to avoid it from coming undone due to lack of support underneath the sloped nose. It would also be nice to have a 1x3 jumper underneath the antennae, but that will have to be from a BrickLink order.

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