Review: LEGO Town Paradisa Seaside Cabana (6401) from 1992

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Thanks for the neat review - the guy doing pull-ups in one of the alternate builds pictured made me laugh! One of my favourite themes ever! Oh for a modern day (non-minidoll) Paradisa...

Fancy hotels, villas with pools, beach front restaurants, a catamaran, speedboats open top sports cars and a tropical airport...

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What an excellent review! I totally get your point - back in a day i would have never wanted one. But i once saw the sets life during that era at a stayover - i remember seeing the poolside paradise and all the superiour parts it had compared to standard city! I bet they could just reissue those sets and sell em massively^^ That colour setting is so harmonic and hypnotising. I find it really stress relieving xD

Also really cool to open a set you knew has been sealed for a quarter century - i can see die hard collectors crying;)

Since you dig paradisa, feel free to check my stream! I did some Mocs as a tribute;)

Lego Poolside Paradise 6416 Remakemicro yacht


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