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[MOC] Castle Drabula

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Hello all,

This is my first real attempt at a Castle. Recently displayed at the Sydney Brick Show, which is where the photos were taken. I'll set it up at home in the near future to try and get some better shots.

Castle Drabula is the home of the evil Dragon Knights as well as a few other bad people. They have captured the Elven Princess and locked her up in the dungeon underground. Her blue Drake has been chained up outside and tortured and tormented by the castle guards.

Outside the castle, the head of the White Dragon (the most recent kill) is mounted on a spike. A trophy from the kill.

The castle is defended by high walls, 4 guard towers and a lava moat. There is also the resident Earth Dragon who is more than happy to eat intruders and the occasional prisoner that the guards hand over...

Front of Castle:

34100067742_3df7ecb89c_z.jpgCastle Drabula by Sam Wright, on Flickr

The Dungeon:

33873334690_eebf4a1c11_z.jpgCastle Drabula by Sam Wright, on Flickr


About the build:

Built in modular sections on 32stud baseplates (4x4). Most of the top section (towers, walls and even some of the landscape) is easily removed to allow easy transport and storage. Light boxes in the small house inside the castle power the lights in the dungeon and out of the windows of the house.

I got the Ninjago Earth Dragon set in a bulk lot a while ago. I like the build, but it is way too slim, so I bulked it up a bit. There is a photo of it on its own in my flickr stream.

The front and side gates both open (although they are a little tight), and all the gates in the towers open and close.

Future plans are to extend the layout to include the other side of the bridge. This probably wont be completed for quite some time yet though.

Full album of the photos is here:

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This is a very nice castle.  I like the towers and the walls of the castle.  The interior is well done also.  I love that redone ninjago dragon  looks very good.  The landscaping is good too. 

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