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GBW - Frago #001- Filace - Offroading

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FRAGO #001- Off Roading

GRID: F3 - G3

Captain Beeze and his crew were pulled off of their checkpoint duty to investigate a nearby anomaly. With the recent news breaking on the missing drones from Spriznulo, multiple nations have organized searches and Filace is no different. Being a COAC Ally of Spriznulo is one thing and they will get the drone returned to them if we find it, but command is expecting a detailed study and analysis of the drone before it is returned. 


The team was relieved to be doing something instead of standing around waiting for the war to come to them. Command had received reports of a radar anomaly in the area and figured the team was close enough with their mobile radar site to check it out.  


Once they found a good elevation, they settled in and deployed small UAV, a comm relay, and turned on their radar site. 

The team sat until dusk when they finally got a hit.


They packed up their gear.


And headed out on their way vowing to return for the radar site.



Due to the expedite nature of this build, I did not have a lot of time between working on the Sabotage build already when this came out, the story build for CP2, and this haha. So my focus was the vehicle. I based it somewhere between a jeep and a land rover. The landscaping could have been better, but time was a factor... I borrowed the Radio design from someone on flickr. 



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Nice jeep !

The radar is quite good as well !

A shame you hadn't the time to finish the landscaping, but you're doing so much for this game already, I totally understand you on that point.

great entry and keep up the good job !

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5 hours ago, Faladrin said:

A shame you hadn't the time to finish the landscaping

I wasn't even planning to do one of these builds and then when I noticed no COAC guys signed up, I threw my name in the hat. Afterwards four of them decided to do it haha. So at that point I had to do one otherwise I would have lost a side build for this period. 

The jeep will live on in bigger and better landscapes. Thanks. 

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The vehicle came out really nice. I like the roll cage design as well as the desert camo. The radar trailer is nice, too, but I think it would be better if the electronics were protected by a panel instead of simply being on the rear of the trailer. Finally, I'm a big fan of the way you decreased the lighting to simulate night. Good job. 

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You've Been Awarded (3) Point(s):

Judges Comments (not all judges comment):

Great terrain work, creative custom truck and radar trailer!  Your dark blue background is PERFECT for the evening shots...PERFECT!  But for the daylight ones, it's almost a lil bit too dark and casts some lighting issues, just something I see.

You can Update your AAR Post with your points to keep track.

Thanks for Playing!

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