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Hey everyone! Finally found some time to shoot a video for my second spirograph. 


I actually had this finished over a year ago but you know how life works sometimes:) Thanks to PG5200 for describing to me how his V5 works which largely inspired this one.


To address the question I get asked all the time at exhibitions "Can you get two going at once?" I came up with this:


These are drawn simultaneously, which you can see in the video here: 

Thanks everyone:) I'll have an LDD file on the way shortly

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8 hours ago, GordyMcPatty said:

Very cool!

Thank you:)

6 hours ago, TechnicRCRacer said:

This is amazing! It doesn't get the recognition it deserves! How do the gearboxes work?

Thanks for your kind comment. Starting from the top, the first two gearboxes select the primary speed of the arms. The input is from the motor and the outputis into one side of a differential. The central gearbox not only controls the speed of the turntable, but the input to the secondary gearboxes. These gearboxes feed into the other side pf the differential and add/subtract rotations in the arm based on the turntable. Hope this helps :p

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