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[MOD] 42037 Ultimate *Now with Instructions!*

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This was just a quick weekend project. I am fond of the 42037 set, as it was one the sets that got me interested in Technic. So, I decided to try to do it some justice, and I motorized it, first with an L-motor, which wasn't great, then with an XL-motor, which was about the same, then with 2 L-motors, which was the best. Then, I got a buggy motor. And since I had just taken apart a failed battlebot, and the buggy motor was lying there, begging to be used, I decided to use it. I rebuilt my 42037 Formula Off-Roader, with a few changes, which are as follows:

1. Changed the colors from light bley/med blue/lime/black to black/white/lime.

2. Removed the inline-4 fake engine.

3. Added full motorization, buggy motor for drive, servo for steering, AA battery box with a V2 receiver.

4. Bodywork changed a bit to fit the new colors and cover the gap left from removing the fake engine. And a light bar was added, because I didn't  like the round spotlights.

5. Very minor, but I changed the rear shocks attachment point on the rear suspension arms, they were moved out one more stud than shown in the instructions, in order to have better travel and not be under compression, which was an issue in the original model.

If anyone is interested, here is the LDD file instructions!

Anyway, I know you're all tired of my rambling, so, with out further ado, I present to you the 42037 Ultimate Racing Buggy!

33845678550_16dae77c43_c.jpg42037 F

33388179144_f464c69740_c.jpg42037 FQR

It has easy access to the battery box, both to replace it and to turn it on and off.

33419088303_3256e6f7aa_c.jpg42037 FQL

The suspension is great, one of the best parts of the original set, which I kept and slightly improved.

33845788300_d025357a2a_c.jpg42037 Mod

34072847912_4ac7c206f8_c.jpg42037 FQR-s

The source of power and speed! The almighty BUGGY MOTOR! :laugh:

34099290651_7c86710088_c.jpg42037 Rear

The required photo of the underside. The wheelbase and chassis are the same dimensions as the original set, though the buggy motor hangs out the back by a couple studs.

34072884702_952661dde6_c.jpg42037 Chassis

I hope to make a video soon, but it started raining after I took photos, so maybe in a few days. But finals are coming up, so it may take some time. I will also add some cutaway photos soon, for anyone who wants to replicate my mod. Or, use the LDD file instructions. Thanks for looking at this, please give C&C, ask questions. More on my Flickr.

 - Leonardo da Bricki

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16 hours ago, TechnicRCRacer said:

Excellent! I am fond of this set too, and you did a great job of making an amazing mod! Can't wait for the video!

Thanks. Weather looks good today, maybe this evening I can start filming.

1 hour ago, Victor Imaginator said:

Looks better in new colors as i think) Nice modification, i will wait for video.

Thank you, and yes, I don't like the original colors much. Video hopefully coming this week!

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Dear Leonardo,


Its perfect mod thank you very much. I will try to built it . i am not familiar with ldd so i don't know how to see the instructions. 

I have clicked to building guide mode button. But still it is very hard to do for my skills. If anyone have the pdf instructions i would be very glad. This is my e-mail ataykerim@gmail.com.


Best Regards


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