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KUBO in LEGO Version

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"KUBO and two Strings", the animation movie is so fantastic, I loved it so much. So I try to build the characters by LEGO pieces, and try to make them as small as I can.

Here we go.


I will show you 1 by 1, first is KUBO. i kept the shape of his mouth just like that he was telling the story.


You can look at the back, I used a spider to present the bug image.

When KUBO carried the two strings, he looks like this.



The photo he taken with Mini-Hanzang.



And the "Mother Monkey"


And the "Father Bug"


 Let's look at the size compare.

Father and Son


Mother and Child


The family


I used the unique building technique to build the heads, and make them close to 7.5 similar with they are in the movie.

Front looking


The Back looking


And the short video for introduction:

Thanks for watching, See you next model.

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I have not seen the movie. I looked it up and your puppets look very recognizable. I like the monkey the most. Good job. ☺

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