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[MOC] Tie Wing

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Sorry to those of you expecting a Tie Fighter X/Y/A/B Wing ugly. You can have this instead.

The Tie-Wing is an experimental Tie Fighter prototype exclusively reserved for Death Trooper use. I assume that Death Troopers can pilot Tie Fighters. The gyroscopic 'pod' is encased by a single radiator panel that rotates around it. I'm not really sure what advantage this gives it other than being 'Cool' I don't know, just go ask the designers of the B-wing why their ship rotates, and I'll just rip off their explanation. Anywho, onto the Moc.


: Top view


: Cockpit


; Wing rotation


: Engines? It's totally two engines, honest!




:Final Pic

So? Tell me what you guys think!

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4 hours ago, RetroInferno said:

Poor pilot, he can't see a thing in that cockpit! :O

My thoughts exactly after the last image, it is in itself a cool concept, but maybe there could be an opening in the middle of the wing so the pilot can actually see something in the forward position.

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I actually really like this, especially the concept of it! I do think the wings blocking the center of the cockpit would make this ship impractical to fly but it still looks cool and hey this is lego, we don't design for practicality, we design for style!  

If you have an clear plate pieces maybe you could put some in the forward point of the wing? Even if we can't see through it, the translucent brick would give the appearance that if this were really in the movie that would either be negative space or transparisteel plating, 

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Interesting, maybe you could remove the front wing section to make it look like a Tie Defender but with only two wings.

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