Modular Track Switch System - Building Rail Yards

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We just added the new track segments needed to build rail yards to our Modular Track Switch system kickstarter campaign.  There are 3 new 3D printed segments:

  • rail yard diverging track (left or right turn): designed to put the tracks of the ladder at a distance of exactly 8 studs apart.
  • rail yard adapter: designed to make sure all the track align nicely at the end or connecting the track of a bidirectional rail yard.
  • bumper track: to have an elegant way to end the tracks of a one way rail yard.


The system work for both one way and bidirectional rail yards:





You can find all the info on our kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/4dbrix/modular-switch-track-system-for-lego-trains

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Sweet. My wallet will scream in more pain when we get to add parts to our order.

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That's really nice, just wish 9v was an option. Well done looks really great 

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