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This is a new building that I'm working on but I haven't picked what direction I want to go on the colors. I'm hoping to have the design finalized and bricks ordered in time for BrickFair VA 2017. I think I'm about 90% done with the building itself. I have the roof detailing to complete, plus adding more detail work but want to put this out there for comment. I have two working color schemes I'm looking at and would love to hear feedback on which one to go with.

Option 1

33307623663_3dfa1cf74b_c.jpgOffice Tower by BSarles, on Flickr

Option 2

33307623683_66125c3df2_z.jpgOffice Tower (2nd Color) by BSarles, on Flickr


The design is created in Bricklink's design tool called . There is a lot I am liking about this software over LDD. Maybe I might write a post about another time.


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