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“The man desperately scrambled up the rocks, hoping to escape the giant stone hand reaching for him. Golems are not typically hostile, but they are very possessive of things they believe are theirs. The red-cloaked warrior struggled to hold back his enormous pet, and with no small effort shouted some words of wisdom to the fleeing man - “just give him the apple!”


The final result of this build is very different from the original concept. With little success, I struggled for a while in my attempt to build a complicated bridge on the rock base. I always have table scraps of random things I've built at a whim - one of them was the golem creature. He's not very complex, but he looked so humorous with the odd body proportions and the hammerhead skull, so I've kept him built for a month or two. I finally put him to use! :grin:

- Loreman

33288355673_2107be403b_c.jpgThe Hungry Golem_2 by The Loreman, on Flickr


34059311096_d5d4529ba5_c.jpgThe Hungry Golem_3 by The Loreman, on Flickr


33943008502_d565471147_c.jpgThe Hungry Golem_4 by The Loreman, on Flickr


33942990702_dd2f37e02d_c.jpgThe Hungry Golem_5 by The Loreman, on Flickr

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15 hours ago, TheLordOfBricks said:

Great build!!!!! I love the action shown!!!! The olive green, and dk. red plant leaves look great in the landscape!!!! Keep it up!!!!! :D

Thanks LordofBricks! The action was a last minute decision, so I'm glad it turned out OK. :classic: Those colors are some of my favorites! 

7 hours ago, Servertijd said:

This is great! The compo and photography work is really well done! lt's like the scene is coming to life

 Thank you Servertijd! I'll admit I was a little unsure about this particular build, and almost didn't post it. In the end, I'm glad I did. :laugh:

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