Assembling a small shunting engine

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Hello everyone!

I have got a small shunting locomotive. I built it after I found instructions on brishelf. That little engine fascinated me and I bought all the necessary parts. I needed two train windows 2 x 6 x 2 (the ones of set 4512) and a  6 x 16 train baseplate, element number 3058, and several other parts to build it. What I liked most about that engine was that old dark grey, light bluish grey and very few dark red parts were used. I found that colour scheme fantastic. 

The following dark red parts are needed: 

plate, 1x2, five pieces

plate, 1x3, two pieces

plate, 1x4, one piece

plate, 1x6, two pieces

plate, 2x4, one piece


I am not going to list all the needed elements here. The ones listed above should help you figure out what locomotive I mean. Some black parts are also needed. 

Today I disassembled the engine, thinking that I had the complete construction manual for it. I remembered having saved it once. You never know: Sometimes things are taken off Brickset. 

I actually wanted to check and count the elements the engine consists of so that I could add them on Rebrickable. However, when I wanted to reassemble the shunting eninge, I found out that I had only saved one half of the construction manual. And now I am sitting here, not knowing how to reassemble the whole thing. You can see the little engine in this picture on the very left. But the engine is a bit far away and the quality of the picture is not so good. If you think you might be able to help me, let me know. I could send you the part of the instruction manual I have. 


I could take some photos of the partly assembled engine plus the several parts still lying around and upload them on Brickset if you think you could help me better that way. I'd be glad if anybody had the complete instruction manual or good pictures of that engine. 

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What is the file name for the instructions, or have you renamed it?

Could it still be in your download history on your computer or browser?

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Hi Legotrainfan! I have not seen this locomotive before, but looking at the pictures I am pretty confident I can reproduce it for you in Lego Digital Designer. I will work on what I can do with just the pictures, but if you want to send the half of the instructions that you do have that would certainly help me make sure it's more accurate. This build is pretty neat and it seems like the designer was pretty consistent with their work, so I think we should be able to get this back together for you with the information you've got.

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Good news :-)

I follow this way to find your model and I was very lucky :-)

I search to google image "lego small loco brickshelf" , I was very lucky that the good picture was on the first page of google

The picture was from an old post that you wrote on this forum.

After that I search "Maggimutti" on Brickshelf and found the manual :-)




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D'oh! One of my own posts could have helped me. When I asked you guys for help, I had totally forgotten about that post! Well, I started that thread 8 years ago. :sceptic: Freestorm, you are a real detective!

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