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So,here is my entry for the battlebot contest. 

To show my robot's suitability for 45x45x45 rule I've built this model of XYZ axles


You can see that it's equipped with an Axe and two big Hammers ! 

Hammers can be folded as they makes robot be wider in transportation mode than allowed.

 I took two wheels from Claas (42054) and added front and rear racks with little wheels and suspension.

 By the way I think I used almost every type of red panels.

Video as always.

P.S. Excuse me please for quality of photos , mu ordinary cam is broken so I had to use cam on my phone.

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Total anarchy, it's all over the place!

It might not do so well on the "likeness to win"  criteria, but man... that thing is pure anger!

just ... WOW


PS: you might want to have that thing tested, it looks a little mentally unstable:laugh:

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I think this is the funniest entry. It's like a small child that doesn't get its way. It's wonderful, when I saw the images I thought, wow this is complex, but it's actually rather simple, and seems very effective. If the number of hits is any judging criterium in a battle, then you're a serious candidate :)

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This thing made me laugh so hard! Must be the ultimate whack-a-mole machine!

Mayhem all over the place, but my guess is: if it does any damage, it will be to itself, putting all that force on a single lift arm.

However i very much like your idea and how it functions!

good luck in the contest!

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