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Amtrak California Surfliner Set

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Just so nobody gets any misconceptions I DID NOT build this set, I purchased it from Peter Norman (Swoofty).  Actually, I kinda take that back, when I opened the box last year they basically disintegrated in the I guess I kinda built them :wink:.  I did however make the set much sweeter with the help of Legoman666 (Andy) with some custom decals that we painstakingly did.  Finding enough photos so Andy could get all of the artwork correct ended up being a bigger project that I had thought it would EVER be, LOL!  Enjoy!

33225705493_ef3b771740_c.jpg2017-04-14_03-42-23 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr

33908226071_35278f700e_c.jpg20170414_153514 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr

33225684323_422da2b4ed_c.jpg20170414_153541 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr

33908220061_36a8dd341c_c.jpg20170414_153635 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr

33194884414_5f16db65ed_c.jpg20170414_153733 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr

33908215921_b18367cb35_c.jpg20170414_153649 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr

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Show em the before pictures. Here are some of the real thing:



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I remember these very well.

Swoofty's work is what made me take a fresh look at my own F59PHI, and along with a switch to seven wide, put me on the path to what it is now.

It's good to see the setis alive and well, and will be takencare of!

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