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Another smart brick is in the making. Jason Alleman and Michael Gale are the creative minds behind this initiative. This time the emphasis is on sound and lights. More info on Kickstarter: PFx Brick

More info on:


Yes, I copied this (mostly) from the Technic Forum; I felt it was important enough that everyone...EVERYONE...was aware!

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Thanks for posting the reminder about the Kickstarter!  We're approaching the last week of the campaign and still have a lot of ground to cover before the finish line.  We're still confident that we can get there since many folks have told us that they're going to back the PFx Brick or have only just heard about it.  Anything you can do to get the word out to help support our campaign will be hugely appreciated.  

Hundreds of backers have already shown their generous support for the PFx Brick and are excited and hopeful to be able to get one!  We really believe the PFx Brick can offer so much value in one small brick package!  It combines:

  • advanced motor control
  • multi-channel lighting effects
  • sound effects processor
  • multiple interfaces:  USB, IR, and Bluetooth

all in a 5x4 stud brick!  We hope it will form the basis of broader range of compatible products such as:  

  • A PFx Lite - low cost light effects only controller
  • A PFx Sonic - low cost sounds effects only controller
  • A PFx Pro - 4x channel motor controller + lighting + sound

and much more!

Please check out the Kickstarter campaign page at:


We hope we can count on the LEGO® fan community to help make the PFx Brick a reality for everyone!  

Thank you,  Michael Gale & Jason Allemann

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What I really love about the PFx Brick compared to SBrick and BuWhizz is it's versatility and the way how the whole thing is thought through, definately for us trainheads. The idea of an infinite number of speedsteps is just awesome, the same as the fact that you can adjust your speedcurve and have realistic acceleration. It will just make running trains SO much better. What bought me over were the two promo videos they posted about how to integrate the PFx Brick into your own trai:

Oh and don't forget bluetooth AND IR control possibilities! Simply said PFx Brick will be the closest we will ever get to DCC without modding our engines. I really hope this gets funded!

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Only found out about this today - funded!

I have posted the link to your campaign on our LUG website, hopefully you will get some more that like plug and play hardware to control their creations.

I have both the SBrick and the Buwizz and must say I am impressed with the possibility to use bluetooth from my mobile to control my trains. However, sound in addition is just fantastic!

Hope this get funded. if not, I am more than willing to be a beta tester.......

Cheers and good luck with the campaign!

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They actually came up with a diversification of versions; now it's easier than ever to choose the type of PFx Brick you want. I love the versatility of these guys.


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Backed the earlier failed campaign and have just backed the re-launched campaign.


It looks like they have now hit their funding target with 9 days to go - so fingers crossed it is definitely happening.


Can't wait to get my hands on it and start playing around. This has so much potential for Lego train builders

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