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Have you ever wonder what it would be like to fuse Legend of Chima and Nexo Knights? (What do you mean NO? Well I did it anyway.) 


Now I took three sets to make this little guy: 70310 Knighton Battle Blaster, 70335 Ultimate Lavaria and 30256 Ice Bear Mech. Here are some others angles of the Mech. 





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4 hours ago, Marishka said:

And you've got Ice Planet ! :) It's awesome orange and white combination

Well that is what inspired this, with the Ice Bear set and the colors from the Nexo Knights theme. It just seem like a natural fit for some sort of continuation of the Ice Planet theme. 

As for name of the set. It just came from the "beetle power" in the Ultimate Lavaria, and from the Ice Bear Mech set. I couldn't think up a better name for this MOC. 

Their is a little bit of a back story (witch could be a little basic). The "Ice Bear Mech" and its' Pilot found the Nexo Power of the Beetle. And in an effort to improve the Mech's battle prowess use the power on its self. Witch activate the nano-bot repair system to go on overdrive forcing this transformation on to the Mech. 

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