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Bob De Quatre

Braaiiinnss!!! Sci-Fi Contest Voting Topic

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Braaiiinnss!!! Contest Voting Thread

It is now time to decide who did the the best entries and who will win one of the prizes sponsored by The Lego Group and BrickWarriors!!!

  • Members that joined after the start of the contest (February 27th) are not allowed to vote (except if you entered the contest). This is to prevent fake members that are created only to vote once. Sorry if you aren't a fake member you may not vote, but sadly we need to take these steps...
  • You have to choose your three most favorite entries for each Category A, B, C and D
  • You may vote in each categories or only one or two or three, that's up to you
  • You may not vote for your own entry
  • In the case a of a tie, we will let the computer pick the winner randomly
  • The voting closes on April 23rd 23:59 GMT
  • If a vote doesn't follow the rules stated above or the format bellow, we won't count the vote.


Please use this format for casting your vote! If you don't respect this format, I'll edit your post, or worst case, your vote will be rejected! If you want to comment the entries or the contest, please use each entry's topic or the Contest topic.

A: 5-11-9
B: 2-4-8
C: 8-1-7
D: 6-5-9


Category A: The Wastelands - Create a scene, no bigger than 48x48 studs, where the Undeads roam and the Survivors fight for their life. 


1 b916e061f3397866c376711a57b82bd1.png He tried to save his family
By Heksu


2 f9469b4ac741d415331a15da44845ed7.png Crusaders run from the Undead Scourge
By Kalais


3 27b460da6c7c5d05ef8813793ef6ec41.png Space base under Attack ...
By FrassAttack


4 33458538d7890db887a4de935816d6a4.png Infected
By RC 1136


5 44118fad959cbd0be30db3ae8e981382.png Who are the real baddies?
By alex54



6 7c97a5c77a106dd04851d648bf1a7011.png Last Bridge to Safety
By Commander Turtle



7 005450922b56ad72b7f0bc4dcc21854f.png The Brick Within
By Gunman



8 e9802f0acb3e791b732c55b464b9d16a.png the cove of the dead
By Rconn0



9 02074e88ae7d690f6dc95b396f238f07.png Side Show
By Darkdragon



10 cec0107c6793cdad3a63ecddd9fa48db.png Home is Where the Heartbreak Is
By Graham Gidman



11 ff05e186ba1cd41a71a97fbe3d87eb9f.png Casino Royale
By SirDoobie



12 698419c7419b2bb7ad68bf27452873e8.png Something Is In There
By TheLazyChicken




Category B: The Shelters - Create a scene, no bigger than 24x24 studs, where the Survivors feel safe enough to call it their home.


1 026bb80768420c051335a97aa3a89a6b.png A Night Without Fear
By Leonardo da Bricki



2 ab1ba1824ac4a510c9b7e05dbd040e49.png Bran's Place
By narbilu



3 e20bcfb117d38a26762b771b245a1e08.png Snow Bunker
By kritch



4 18f81a1fff2c4af7a88cfc5bc150ff94.png The Hideout
By OrangeGareth



5 b91863645b3b5a78ccaa14e09af7336b.png Safe is a Four Letter Word
By billybricks



6 ba389a648fe124a42c8da46cda022cd7.png Safe and Sound
By makoy



7 627a9d68835905dbc5ce27fec00b9c69.png Nexo frontier
By AgentKallus of Hydra



8 e7603f2c31d890191fbbd4b5d48d055c.png Reestablishing Contact
By The Stad


Category C: The Machines - Create a vehicle used by the Survivors or the Undeads (yes, some zombies still have enough brain to drive a vehicle)


1 16e2c404df6f1d4b9e2537710373271d.png Mr. Dixon's bike
By Wat Tambor



2 e18960e0e64e29a942a5027f1ef0dac6.png The fighting cart
By blackdeathgr



3 ef99f29ab17466774bc53968da3b7f41.png Bran's Wheels
By narbilu



4 b9d9a9c8648c1acffa6c2a9750425276.png Zombie Eradicator
By TheLazyChicken



5 7c44b596f332bdbc30889344448ddabf.png The New Interceptor and ...
By FrassAttack



6 44af7362b686abf2b7ac885927b6b4c2.png Zomambulator
By kritch



7 612a96bd69d5ac0cac8f3233bb1e22d4.png Zombie Destruction Rover
By Offroadcreat1ons



8 beef08542527a65747da377b981ea94b.png Zombie Trasher
By Guy smiley



9 ffd23f5314f58373fc169b853e345a28.png Mister Artric's Exterminator
By AgentKallus of Hydra



10 270f90b93734ecc5c5c6b1cce99603a8.png The Cavalry Arrives: MR-68 Razorback
By The Stad



11 a7d41645352fa268b019efac5b59f16e.png Bug-Out Truck
By SirDoobie


Category D: The Survivors and Undeads - Design and assemble a group of five Survivors or five Undeads.


1 22ccd1c9f9b97e2b250571091246b273.png Unlucky Diver Team
By Faladrin



2 32cd35f5114baf673cd05d10f0d727a6.png Fantasy Zombies/Undeads
By Kalais



3 d9abac59e7b440e059ef9d76aa3abf1a.png Survivors, Year 2157
By Leonardo da Bricki



4 888e11f3d6aa70e0e3b25d3eb81fa0e7.png The Undead Masters of Music
By Glitch System



5 0e4c3fd30bb58bc3993e5e487698ce6f.png Bran & his crew
By narbilu



6 4e6ae327763b3171c89e56a1a93294ba.png Zombie High!
By pombe



7 169f4ce23cfdb8af62e73b8d0caceb8c.png Steampunk Zombie Zeppelin Pirates
By Hammerstein NWC



8 3883ab990624075b067f6c3a9533bbfe.png Zombie Troupe
By Praiter Yed



9 120645409185ae0ac69b81298e356e0c.png 2.2360679775 Squared
By (Nexus)



10 94e89be0254bf823d4649c050561f08d.png Zombie Eradicators
By terryfay1983



11 240a6e6b1139d59050373c3b1adecbcd.png The Wild Bunch
By Lancethecat



12 40daa5879835ff3e739bc420d17d086e.png Black Recon; Squad B
By The Stad



13 266fdbfa398f4d4f1b1d6b85d9f66a9b.png Circus Folk
By Darkdragon



14 7cb08a67f33bd88dd6f89d42dfd425f8.png Doomsday Preppers
By SirDoobie


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Here's my two cents:

A: 1 - 2 - 10

B: 4 - 2 - 5 

C: 2 - 8 - 3

D: 11 - 9 - 5

I actually joined the forum on the 27th of February, so feel free to count my vote or not. I just wanted to share what my favorites are :tongue:

Edited by Bob De Quatre
Invalid vote

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A: 7-10-2
B: 6-4-3
C: 2-10-8
D: 2-4-5

I would like to wish good luck to all the members that participated! :classic:

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A build was missing in Category A. If you already cast your vote, feel free to edit it. Sorry for the inconvenience :blush:

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Here are my votes! Really tough to choose!


A: 1-4-5

B: 3-4-6

C: 1-2-8

D: 8-9-10

Extremely tough choices in all categories! I needed at least two extra votes per category :wub:

Well done to all involved!


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A: 1-10-4

B: 4-3-5

C: 8-1-6

D: 10-9-7

Very cool entries overall, was a great pleasure to discover all the details in thrilling atmosphere. BRRRRR...:thumbup:

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A: 1 - 6 - 10

B: 3 - 5 - 6

C: 2 - 8 - 1

D: 10 - 6 - 2

Fantastic work everyone, wish I had seen this sooner I'd have loved to join in!

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