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Large Ferris Wheel at Chicago's MSI

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The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is having a Lego exhibit, called 'Brick by Brick'. I'm debating where to put the pictures to share, but in the meantime here are few of a very large Ferris Wheel that uses both system and technic parts. The overall diameter is more than 4×32M. I'm also attaching an LDD that re-creates some of the sub-elements. I have few more high-res photos for those interested in more specifics. I believe the model is by Adam Reed Tucker, the author behind the Architecture Series.

MSI Ferris Wheel.lxf












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Yes it was, as stated in picture below, from 1893. The gondolas have only 5 windows in the actual wheel, but 6 in the lego version. Not sure why. ALso, the actual build makes use of several 'illegal' connections (colored parts in my LDD).



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very nice!

not quite as technic-y but Ryan McNaught, (Lego Certified Pro), built a scale model of the Melbourne Star, which is in the gift shop, below the actual wheel



Lego Ferris wheel, and 6yr old for scale :)


a zoom in on the techniques he used - LOTS of ball joints!

No idea if it rotates, but probably not... Ryan often creates sculptures for long term public display, and they are usually glued, as well as having hidden steel struts/supports


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Very nice! I wonder how they can achieve such 'odd' numbers. But then again, these are Certified Professionals.

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