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[Brains] Cat B - Safe is a Four Letter Word

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After the last few months, my family has learned that nowhere is truly safe. Allies become enemies. Walls are breached. Simple illnesses become death sentences. Anyone who thinks he is safe is kidding himself. I remember the last time we felt safe. That was before my daughter was an only child. 

33081192044_a1cdd5161f_z.jpgFull scene by BillyBricks, on Flickr

Recently, we have found a rhythm in moving from place to place in the city. After our apartment complex fell to the dead, we managed to escape into the streets, foraging as we went and finding shelter that could last for a few days before having to move on. Although the dead seem to constantly stalk us, it's the living we must watch out for. If we thought people were self-serving before, we were mistaken.  

33767670152_c408b1fb33_z.jpgCrashed Car by BillyBricks, on Flickr

33883463606_1f866334e7_z.jpgGunshots by BillyBricks, on Flickr

Watching as my husband and daughter get what sleep they can, I remember when keeping my family safe meant buying the right foods, watching for suspicious characters at the playground, and going to the doctor annually. Those memories are already starting to fade. Now, they are replaced with frantic running and desperate attempts to find supplies to keep going for one more day. 

33924851465_6f9184e92c_z.jpgFemale Survivor by BillyBricks, on Flickr

As I carve this new spear, I almost start to relax. Two days ago we found this deli, which must not have been heavily looted because there were stacks of canned food and bottled water hidden in a corner in the basement. We've been here ever since, creating some simple defenses and even taking the time to hang a sheet so we can have a "private" toilet.

33767691662_b582d7f5d0_z.jpgFull Basement by BillyBricks, on Flickr

It's times like these when I have to remind myself that letting my guard down can mean the difference between being hungry and tired tomorrow or never seeing that new dawn. I...What's that noise? It sounds like our trap upstairs worked.

33539695030_56a9823d4c_z.jpgSpeared Zombie by BillyBricks, on Flickr

That will be something to deal with tomorrow. Another problem, and here I was feeling safe for a moment. But I have to remember, in the apocalypse, safe is a four letter word.

33924851805_4b7d40eb1f_z.jpgBasement in dark by BillyBricks, on Flickr

This is my first time entering a contest on Eurobricks. I have lurked on this site for months, enjoying the pictures of wonderful creations that others put up every day. I've only been back in LEGO for about a year now, and I've been building MOCs for less than half that time. It's probably pretty obvious that I am a newbie thanks to the fact that I decided to build three full walls on my bottom level (dark much?) and I'm using the camera on my phone to take pictures. I built this MOC so I could easily take the two levels apart, so at least that planning worked out. Coming up with an idea for the contest and working toward the deadline were both fun. I loved seeing all of the other entries, as well! 

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Very cool one!

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