[MOC] Rebirth Batmobile

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A little over a year ago DC Comics relaunched their comic books under the banner DC Rebirth. 

This included a new Batman series and of course you cannot have a new Batman without a new Batmobile.

Recently I saw a Youtube video that OneBadawan made which inspired me to try and built my own Rebirth Batmobile. I still had a Batman The Animated Series Batmobile design lying around (never posted it due to me feeling that there are way too many out there) and since the Rebirth Batmobile is inspired by the BTAS Batmobile I went about and turned my design into the Rebirth Batmobile.

My original concept model was actually 1 stud higher and longer but since it has always been my goal to built my Batmobiles as close to minifigure scale as possible I managed to make it smaller yet, the final result can be seen here and I must say that I am very pleased with it.


The Dark Knight with his new ride.


A look at the Batmobile without any distractions.


Side shot.


The rear part was actually pretty difficult to create given that there aren't any really clear shots of it. Still there is a panel in an early Rebirth Detective Comics comic book and that is where I drew most inspiration from.


A Clearer look at the back.


The front, all thats missing are some stickers to create some eyes in the Batman hood mask.


A shot inspired by the first shot we got of this Batmobile, go look it up, just google Batman Rebirth Batmobile.


A low side shot of the Batman standing in front of the Batmobile to highlight how small it actually is.


I also managed to create a little interior details, and am glad to report that a Batman minifigure with big cowl can actually fit inside comfortably.


Proof that the Dark Knight actually fits inside.


Another shot of the Batman inside to highlight that the overal structure is 100% the same.


And a final shot to finish things of.


I hope that you enjoyed my take on the Rebirth Batmobile, comments, be it positive or be it negative are always appreciated. Until next time ;)

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