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Prologue - for Category C

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These events took place many years ago, when Draconius was the ruler of Historica.


One day, Draconius was reading the weekly guild reports, when he saw a strange black mark on his left hand.

In fear of a new plague, we quickly removed his upper clothing and walked to the mirror, to check his body for more of this strange markings.

But, when he looked in to the mirror, it wasn't his reflection, who looked back at him. A dark figure looked back at the king of Historica.


Without any warning, the black creature broke out from the mirror and attacked Draconius.

After minutes of struggle, the creature finally took advantage over the king, and fataly wounded him.
While Draconius was bleed to death, the black creature started to morphing. Wings, tail and horns appeared on his body, as he run to the balconys door.

Draconius managedto crawl out to the balcony, to see what will happening to his murderer. 
The King saw, as the creature flew to east, while he was still morphing and grewing. The creature rather looked like a big black dragon, then a humanoid. The dragon turned around, and started scorching the lands of Historica, starting from the east.


The High King woke up from his nightmare. He checked his body, but there wasn't any black mark on him. He realised, that was just a dream, but he felt that something dark is going to happen.

On the following weeks, the king visited every fortune teller, dreamer in his kingdom, about his dream. But, only the druids of Avalonia were able, to help the king...


To be continue...

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Very interesting how the black dragon humanoid thing has horns like Raavage...

A good introduction to your main story, I think, setting things up for you. My main complaint is that in the image with the forced perspective, neither the foreground nor the background are in focus, which hurts the effect. I like the yellow and tan/grey wall behind the king in the picture with the purple fortune teller built with headlight bricks, as well as the bust in the king's bedroom. Nicely done!

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Hmm... That dark creature is really intresting...

This really did what a prologue should do: made me curious! :thumbup: 

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Excellent storytelling style, with the accompanying scenes :thumbup: The king's room is very nicely furnished, the chair, desk, and bed all are great :classic:

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Great, I like your story already! the mirror thing is nice and I love the creature. Excited to see hwere this is going!

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