[LDD] Detention Block Rescue

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Finally got my brick orders in today and put mine together. I'm still waiting on the half round tile pieces for the consoles and Hair for the han solo stormtrooper.




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please mind the blonde hair for Han.. kids said its better to have him take a picture with hair then without.

made a few changes to the set also. still waiting for Han's hair and the half round tiles for the half cylinder backpiece.

..also I used the Catwoman bike pieces (stadium piece/half round) for thhe control panels until I can find the right ones

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On 4/15/2017 at 4:29 PM, JonnyHanukkah said:

I'm surprised no one has posted pics of the official instructions or parts list yet.  Did everyone at Celebration buy them to sell on ebay? :)

Who in their right mind would spend a fortune on a pile of bricks, which you could get for a fraction of that price I always wonder? Yes I know, collectors. For my part I am quiet happy with the nice LDD provided by Ahzeal. Thank you, good work!

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