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[GBW] - Supporting the war effort- EROTEMA – Give your blood for your country

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[GBW] - Supporting the war effort- EROTEMA – Give your blood for your country

Doctor Smith, whom we met in the first Side Mission, is in his desk room again. As responsible of one of the many Public Health Centers in EROTEMA, he realizes that his blood reserves are low. And there is a possible war soon…


So, immediately, the National Channel, in the Night News Report, decides to spread the need of blood and the blood donation campaign reaches everybody.


The next morning he has a meeting with two friends, the scientist we also met in the first Side Mission. They speak about using mother cells to have more blood available, not only for Erotema, but also for other allies and countries under the occupation of the RON.


And many come to donate blood. As you probably know, the requirements to donate blood are age and good health. However, sometimes people over age goes because their feel to help the country are beyond their physical condition.


Here you can see the blood donation room and a few more donors.




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An improvement from the first build. Could benefit from building less rooms in favor of detailing single rooms more. Also, try using something for a backdrop for your photos like a sheet or poster board. Taking photos outdoors, even on a cloudy day, can really make your project look leaps and bounds better. Another idea to consider for internal shots, would be to not close rooms or structures in on all sides; that way you can get your camera at a good level to see everything and you don't have to be right on top of it. Hope this helps. Keep up the work!    

You need more detail in your shots.  Last pic looks like you're trying, but on the mepty tables, make the blood bags clear, instead of red and filled with blood; looks like someone never cleaned up.  How many wookies live in your country?  And half naked slave girls?  Walls look boring.  Point is to become a better builder, use some of the feedback we offer you to add more to your builds. Consult your team before you submit an entry.  Starting to feel like you are just spitting out builds to easily beef up your point total!

You can Update your AAR Post with your points to keep track.

Thanks for Playing and Have a Happy Easter!

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