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One of the most notorious pirates in this world was without any doubt Captain Greybeard. The reason his name didn't show up the last year in the KPA editions, is simply because no enemy survived his actions. A lot of missing vessels are in fact destroyed by Captain Greybeard and his beasty.

Yes indeed, the little pet of Captain Greybeard is a wonderfull and unique Narwhal. So strong that it could pierce and lift up complete vessels. A true terror in the sea.

Captain Greybeard was bribed by the Mardierian King to privateer for Mardier. As Mardier heard the news that Eslandola was sending 18 vessels to Isla de Many Names (as a counter to the blockades), Captain Greybeard was ordered to destroy this fleet.

Tomorrow would be the day his vessel "The AQAR" would intercept the Eslandolan fleet led by Commodore Maximilian Damaximus. To prepare for the upcomming battle, he let most of his crew sleep this night so they would be at full strength. He thought he had well hidden his vessel. As it was a moonless night, darkness surrounded the AQAR.

Suddenly in the middle of the night...


Multiple cannons started firing at the AQAR. Captain Greybeard quickly jumped in his suit, and went to the forecastle to see what is wrong...


"Martinez Da Cruz, what happened?"

"We are under fire captain! It looks like a minor vessel attacking us!"

"Those fools! Order our crew to stay in their cabin and keep sleeping, we need our full strength tomorrow! I'll handle this stupid vessel"

With an elegant swing of his sword, pointing to the attacking vessel, he summoned his Narwhal

A loud noise arised from the depth of the sea.

Suddenly a bang occured. The attacking vessel was lifted meters high and started tearing apart.



Sailors started screaming, jumping out of the vessel.

(Spoiler: for those reading the story, the spoiler shows a part of the story unknown to Captain Greybeard)


However, most of the sailors were already in the water when the Narwhal attacked. They were armed and were swimming towards the AQAR.
Lord Maximilian Damaximus, Commodore of Eslandola, was leading them. He looked back for one instant to see how the Golden Star was lifted out of the water. He ordered the remaining sailors on the vessel to jump on time and to scream as much as possible so the pirates would not hear the soldiers swimming.



Back on the AQAR, Captain Greybeard enjoyed the screamings of the poor sailors. They shouldn't have been so stupid attacking the AQAR.

First Mate Martinez Da Cruz came back.

"There is no damage to the vessel sir! Only some crew members that are injured. It looks like they fired with grape shots!"

"Excellent news! Let's sail away from this place"


Suddenly Captain Greybeard realised that they had been tricked.

"Awake everyone! It was a trap! We are being entered!"

Too bad for him, it was too late...


While turning he saw a wet officer in front of him, pointing his pistol at his heart.

The officer looked him in the eyes and said:

"I got an invitation for you to dine in hell tonight"

Meanwhile the officer, being no-one else than Commodore Lord Maximilian Damaximus, shot Captain Greybeard  right in his heart.


Captain Greybeard felt dead  on the deck, but his magical sword was thrown overboard. One of the Eslandolan soldiers jumped in the water in order to retrieve it. It is unknown if Lord Maximilian Damaximus managed to posses the Magical Sword or not. Future will tell...

Meanwhile on the AQAR, the pirates were quickly surrounded.






A new vessel to the MAESTRO fleet. And what a vessel! 50 guns, fast and strong.

A new weapon in the war against Mardier that was very welcome!

Final picture:



The AQAR (aka: Adapted Queen Anne's Revenge)



More pictures:






The AQAR next to the Margot


Hope you like the vessel! It is a 50 gun 4th rate of the Line.

The vessel is based on the QAR in PoTC, Assassin's Creed and own imagination. Historically seen, she had 40 guns.


Thanks for watching! C&C welcome!

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That's a mighty ship, I like those custom guns on upper deck, the colour scheme is nice too. Good for you to capture the AQAR intact, rather than engaging a face to face duel with Margot, very clever tactics.:thumbup:

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The tricks with a Narwhal... a bold thing to test...

Is this a tame Narwhal ?

Or the Lord Maximilian Damaximus is megablocking mad ? ( I enjoy that in this case )



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Aha, not a bad tactic there, Maxim, and definitely an epic ship!  The rigging is superb and the height incredibly imposing, and I can well believe that none of its poor victims got away to tell the tale before!  Yet another brilliant, massive vessel from your shipyards - do keep it up! :grin: :excited:

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The ship is awesome! I really like it. The ship being destroyed is decent as well. I would like to have seen more of the monster though.

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Yeah, great ship, Maxim - definitely a worthy and fearsome addition to the Eslandian fleet :thumbup: Pretty cool hull piercing monster, too, and a clever story tying the ship to the contest.

Keep it up, Lord Damaximus, and good hunting! :classic:

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Wow ! Again an enormous vessel ! Congrats on it mate !

AND did Lord DaMaximus tamed a Narwhal to sunk ships ? MAESTRO is becoming really frightening now... :tongue::grin:

Great job !

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Great entry for this category. The AQAR is epic! Fantastic rigging. And the portrayal of the narwal is cool! The story is really clever for this category. :thumbup:

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