REVIEW: Short comparison of various sized Antman.

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As we know, the pym particles can actually shrink or enlarge the suit wearer. In this case, the  LEGO Antman!

Lets go for the normal minifigure sized antman first.

Antman various sizes.

The translucent helmets allowed us to look into their eyes if you zoomed closer. The yellow jacket's helmet is so amazing!

Antman various sizes.

The back of their helmets are of lesser details but the back torso printing was so nice! You can see Darren Cross' backpack which made Scott went into the Quantum Realm. 

Antman various sizes.

Lets loose the helmets. Scott's face is a unique expression, Hank's looked like they re-use Saruman's face. 

Antman various sizes.

Antman and Dr. Pym had alternate faces. The 'O' shaped mouth of Scott might mean the expression he had when he first got his suit in the bathtub, haha..

Antman various sizes.

'I will disintegrate you!' 

Antman various sizes.

Darren's jacket was so heavy where I need to place a skull under the backpack to make him stand. Now Hank turned into an old motorcycle suit, (so is it what the black head is for?) Hmm..

Antman various sizes.

Feel the AWESOMENESS yet? The satisfying feeling of a collector completing the collection. The brick built Giantman and the nanofig was from the airport battle set 76051. Do you notice the blue button on the belt? I wonder why is it red on the minifigure.


Whats up man..


Now the hulk is small.. 

Antman various sizes.

The poseability of the giantman was quite similar to normal minifigures. The only downside of the nanofig was the inability to pose..

Antman various sizes.

Hello Dr. Cross. Nearly forgot that he is actually bald where he doesn't need any hairpiece.


The collection of ant man was so awesome that you can't miss other two character as well. The three minifigures are exclusive and well designed. I would say LEGO did a good job designing them different from conventional minifigures. 

Have a nice day. Hope you liked my post. Do comment your feelings if you are an Antman fan! Thank you!

Antman various sizes.


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