MOC: Fire truck Volkswagen Crafter

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Hello. The basis was taken photos of the real modification of Volkswagen for fire needs. That's what I got out of this.


0. Photo of the prototype.





1. General view of the model.





2. Side view.





3. Since there are a lot of people in the fire department, the car's cabin is double. It contains 4 minifigures.





4. Behind the cab is a body with fire equipment.





5. The body has 3 compartments: 2 on the sides and one on the back.





6. On the roof of the body is transported a ladder, and also there are searchlights.





7. On the roof of the cabin, as expected, are flashing lights and a beep.





8. Nearer





9. We now turn to functions. The model opens all 4 doors of the cabin.





10. Imitation of the seat.





11. We pass to the body. The door of the rear compartment rises.





12. There is a pump.





13. In the right compartment there are fire-fighting suits.





14. And in the left helmets and a generator.





15. The generator is separate.





16. Ready to go.





17. The whole team is assembled.





18. In firefighting suits.






Thank you all for viewing, I will wait for your comments.

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Incredible. A lot of great details here. I love that the doors open. The individual compartments are great. And how did you get the right hood angle? It looks perfect.

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Hello Macsergey!

You did a really great job!

Thanks for high quality and detailed pictures and explanations.

Regards Mario

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This is an excellent representation of the prototype, well done. I especially like the look of the portable generator - I may have to build one myself!

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Wow, so many great details packed into your firetruck and even room for four fire fighters. 

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