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Review: 41591 Black Widow

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BrickHeadz is an exciting new Lego theme that depicts our favorite characters from movies, TV shows, games, and comics into fun and stylized collectible forms.  Each set contains a brick built figure with a build-able base, that includes a printed tile piece denoting the figure's wave number. Wave one consists of twelve unique and colorful characters based on The Lego Batman Movie, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Pirates of the Caribbean. BrickHeadz is an exclusive theme from Lego, which means that you can only find the BrickHeadz sets at Lego brand retail stores and online from Lego Shop.

Before I begin this review, I would like to give my sincerest thanks to The LEGO Group (TLG) who have provided this set, and other wave one BrickHeadz sets, to Eurobricks making this review possible. The opinions expressed in this review are my own. 



While being one of the only female Avengers, Black Widow has shown her own in the kicking and pain inflicting department, for which she's been rewarded with a top spot among the first four Mavel BrickHeadz. Lego's 41591 Black Widow also manages to capture the likeness of it's film inspiration--that of Scarlett Johansson--very well, which only adds to the appeal of the figure. But if you're not convinced she's a useful Avenger BrickHeadz yet, read on and let's see if we can change your opinion...

Set Stats

Name: 41591 Black Widow
Theme:  Licensed / BrickHeadz
Year: 2017
Pieces: 143
Minifigs: N/A
Price: USD $9.99, CA $12.99, DE 9.99€, UK £9.99
Resources: Brickset, BricklinkLego Shop


As with all BrickHeadz, 41591 Black Widow comes in the standard BrickHeadz box--one that includes a thumb open tap, large BrickHeadz logos, and that wall of ugly text. Still, the blue of the Captain America: Civil War backdrop allows the black and orange figure to pop nicely, as does the image of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, for which the figure is inspired by. 



Inside the box you'll find one instruction booklet, two bags--one big and one small--as well as a loose 4x6 black plate which will be used for the figure's base.  

Interesting Parts 

41591 Black Widow is one of the most part heavy BrickHeadz and she also manages to come with numerous desirable pieces in Dark Orange. Most of these dark orange pieces are various slopes, such as 1x2 slopes, 2x2 slopes, and 1x2 arch slopes. Aside from all the standard inclusions (modified bricks in light bley, BrickHeadz eye tiles, and of course the 2x4 wave tile), Black Widow comes with two uniquely printed pieces. The first is a 1x2 brick which depicts her torso and belt design, and the second being two 1x2 tiles in dark blueish grey that are printed with a depiction of her electrified gauntlets. While still being accurate to the character, the gauntlet tiles are generic enough to find numerous uses elsewhere--which is a plus.  



As with all BrickHeadz, the bulk of the building is focused on the head construction--or rather in the case of 41591 Black Widow, the hair. Using a massive number of slopes, tiles and plates Lego has managed to very accurately depict the hairstyle of the character from the Avengers films. Surprisingly, despite the bulk of the hair, I've not experienced the tendency for the figure to tip over backwards, which is unfortunately the case of other large headed figures like 41588 Joker and 41586 Batgirl


In addition to the hair, I found the belt/waist design to be particularity notable, in that Black Widow does not use a 4x4 plate for her main waist piece, as is the case with most BrickHeadz. Instead, she utilizes four black modified 2x2 plates, which allow for the attachment of a rather low riding belt. I'll also note that I found the transition from the main 1x2 printed brick to the adjacent bricks to be very well done. The black and dark bley colors flow really nicely into the print, creating a very streamlined look.

And yes, you also build that base too, with only four pieces. 

Completed Figure

First impression--lots of hair! But in a good way. It's been meticulously sculpted and as a result it has turned out to be very reminiscent of Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow. As I just noted, the streamlined feel to the figure is very nice, and her torso print and pieces are used very well. I also particularly like her leg pouches, which add to the character's armed feel. In that regard, Black Widow also comes with two rather generic accessories, 4 length bars in standard black, for her stun batons.  



41591 Black Widow is a detailed BrickHeadz with gorgeous dark orange hair and great graphic design. She'll be a welcome addition to any BrickHeadz collection. 


  • Design: 5/5 - Lots of work went into the hair, and it was worth the effort. 
  • Parts: 5/5 -  Tons of Dark Orange? What's not to love?! 
  • Build: 5/5 - Black Widow utilizes different techniques than other BrickHeadz making her build uniquely interesting. 
  • Value for Price: 5/5 - One of the most part heavy BrickHeadz, you get the most for your money. 

My Score: (20/20)      A


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This is the best of the brick heads, in my opinion. Her hair is just AMAZING.

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Great review! I like this theme!! In fact, her hair is pretty nice

Edited by evortigosa

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I agree with your score. Of all the Brickheadz, this is the only one that interests me. Great hair shape and I like the hair colour, too.

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58 minutes ago, makoy said:

I agree with your score. Of all the Brickheadz, this is the only one that interests me. Great hair shape and I like the hair colour, too.


Also, one thing that's really cool about this figure is that the hair kinda works both as a representation of the Age of Ultron-style shorter hair that Lego inaccurately continued to use on the latest minifigure, and the longer hairstyle she actually has in Civil War. That's largely in thanks to the 1x2 modified curved bricks the designer chose to use as the ends of her hair, which are really just the perfect piece to capture her look in this cartoony style. It's not something I would've thought of!

Edited by N_Cat

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