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[MOC] [LDD] Zekiville Volunteer Fire Staion and Part of apparatus

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This time I'm presenting my latest LDD work.

A Zekiville Volunteer fire station.

The building itself contains 20.000 bricks. It meets the latest standards in safety and functionality.

The main part of the building houses garages, wardrobes and sanitary facilities for firefighters. The Gray wind accomidates all the administative facilities and the underground levels cover recreational and storage facilities.

The training tower is designed to allow vertical rescue training, and structual fire simulations.

The top 2 floors on gray wind and a top floor on orange wing (main building) provides 12 apartments for firefighter and their families in order to provide as fast responce as possible.

The building also house other volunter emergency services such as:

- K9 Sar unit
- Dive rescue unit
- Cave rescue unit
and mountain rescue unit.

The garages for their equipmet are locates at the back of the building.


The look on the building from the front.

Back view.


Part of rescue apparatus.


Ladder and Tech rescue truck with extended ladder/arm.


K9 SAR team.

Have a nice day.

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You've got some great fire appliances! I'd like to point out that the wheels the on-road trucks look a bit too wide. I think substituting this part would make them more realistic. I know they don't fit on to the rims in LDD but in real life they fit snugly.

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