Book II, Challenge V, Cat B - An unexpected sssssuprissse.

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On a desolate snowy landscape an elf scout clad in bright mail is doing a patrol with his loyal husky companion. A closer look shows that this is a snow elf by his orange hair which is different than wood elves (whose hair is normally a brownish color), silver armor and irregular weaponry. Snow elves are the most the "Viking" like of the elves located on the aisle of Solitude. They don't wear the silly horned helmets or use any axes (all elves dislike axes), but they have been known to slip into a berserker rage and they love the thrill of battle. The snow elves also love sailing and are amazing ship makers. These snow elves have a governmental structure where the Council of Jarls (clan leaders) elect the Csarjarl who is the overall leader of the snow elf race. The Jarls also serve as war leaders. The snow elves worship the Nordic gods. There is no set uniform for the snow elf warriors and most warriors supply their own weapons and armor. That particular snow elf you're seeing is Feanor. Unlike most snow else he uses more reason and is less hot-headed. Feanor is a scout for Jarl Enradae and is doing a routine patrol.

Granite and his dog

As usual his dog didn't say anything. Suddenly Feanor stopped, ears pricked and sword drawn. A low hissing sound is heard through the silent mountainside. Feanor strains his eyes and sees a red glow coming from a cave in the distance. He goes to investigate.

(Inside the cave)

An imposing dark figure identifiable as Lord Ravage is flanked by two of his same race as bodyguards facing a tall robed figure with a staff. The robed figure is flanked by one of his own race and two heavily armored serpentine-like creatures one of whom looks familiar.

Lord Ravage (angrily) "Why did you bring me here wretch?"

The robed figure (calmly) "To show you something."

Lord Ravage advances threateningly.

Lord Ravage (angrily) "Don't want my time!"

The robed figure (still calmly) "Nice to meet you Lord Ravage, my people simply call me 'The Sorcerer', but you can call me Fred."

Lord Ravage shakes with anger while Feanor watches with interest and increasing alarm.

'Fred' (with amusement) "So Ravage, do you want me to show you an unstoppable army to take over Historica with or would you rather attack me?"

That catches Ravage's attention. Ravage almost attacks Fred but decides not to and manages to put his rage in check.

Lord Ravage (with an eerie air of calm) "Very well then 'Fred' show me this 'army'."

Fred gestures to the back of the cave where a multitude of chariots and a whole lot of snakes are located.

"This army"



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Great story, I like the snow elf race you are utilizing :thumbup: The interior of the cave reminds me of the Uruk Hai's creation, you made good use of those new Ninjago figs and eggs.

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Nice rockwork and snow on the outside, and the fig looks great. Excellent use of those eggs inside as well :thumbup:

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