[K-F09] Kawashita Mastodon Assault Tank

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Tags: Land Vehicule

Certainly the last build for AG1 for not the least !

After around 6 months of engineering, the Kawashita Tech Division is proud to present its last Assault Tank, the Mastodon.

Data sheet :

  • Front twin flam thrower
  • 2 side twin laser canons
  • twin auto-cannons on turret










All pics on my Flickr account

Building data sheet :

  • 5 motors - XL motor for each couple of lateral caterpillars, 1 M motors for front door and 2 M motors for the upper turret
  • Lights
  • 3 IR receivers
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1 hour ago, StarHawk3 said:

Fantastic! Great last build for AG. I'm sensing a little bit of Forge World inspiration.  

Just a little :wink:

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