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[Brains] Cat. D - The Undead Masters of Music

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Even after the Earth is dead and gone, music will live on.

Here are my undead minifigures for the Brains contest, also known as the Undead Masters of Music. 


From left to right: DJ Eddie M. and his pet bat, heavy metal guitarist Rick Ormortiz, singer/songwriter Sarah Phim, composer Johann Sebastian Bach-from-the-Dead, country singer Tom Stone (the radioactive zombie). 

More information on each character:


DJ Eddie M. - Once a beat-blasting music producer, Eduardo Muerto (more commonly known by his alias Eddie M.) has returned from the dead to re-live his days of playing electronic music festivals. Armed with his two vinyl records of choice, he is ready to once again take the world by storm with his scratching abilities. He has also drawn the attention of a strange little bat that resides on his shoulder, most likely drawn to the screeching sound produced by his sick record scratching. 



Rick Ormortiz - Having spent his career writing and rocking out to songs about death, Ormortiz was not especially happy when he kicked the bucket himself. Ormortiz suffered a fatal blow to his left eye in a freak guitar pick accident, causing his bandmates to hang up their instruments indefinitely...or so they thought. Deciding to join the land of living once more, Ormortiz returned from the grave to breath new life into his old band and spread his new insights on the afterlife through the only means he knows how: heavy metal music. 



Sarah Phim - The once dazzling star Sarah Phim has been appearing on stages all around the world recently despite her death five years ago. Initially, many believed her return was just a myth, similar to the claims of Elvis still being alive, but these rumors were confirmed to be true when fans were treated to unexpected show at a graveyard one gloomy night. Though she wasn't quite the looker she once was, the zombie that had appeared was no doubt Sarah Phim herself, wearing her signature, though tattered, white dress and still boasting her heavenly voice.



Johann Sebastian Bach-from-the-Dead: Not to be confused with another, more famous composer, Bach-from-the-Dead considers himself to be the world's greatest musician... albeit, no one has even heard of him. Believing he was robbed of fame in his time and determined to solidify his name in history, Bach-from-the-Dead arose from the earth to prove to the world that his music has no equal. However, he has since discovered this might be more difficult than he originally thought as he now has an insatiable taste for flesh, which is why he is usually seen with his conducting baton in one hand and some kind of limb in the other.



Tom Stone - Though not your typical zombie, Tom Stone walks the earth as a man both living and dead. Previously a successful country singer, Tom Stone found himself turned into an undead, radioactive man after confusing a flask full of nuclear waste for his bottle of whiskey. The nuclear waste Stone consumed slowly ate away at his life until he finally succumbed to death's sweet embrace, that is until one night when he awoke once more in the middle of a cornfield. Reanimated with pale green skin and covered in barbed wire, Stone now scours the countryside for nuclear energy or perhaps a brain or two.

Thanks for looking! Additional, higher-quality pictures can be viewed here on Flickr.


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Ahah ! :laugh:

A zombie music band ! Great idea !

they are fun and original at the same time ! Good job !

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