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Hi there,
after assembly 42043, I wanted to make a little copy. It turned out for me or not, it's up to you.

Motorized functions.
- Steering (Servo motor)
- Driving and tilting of cargo bay (L motor)

Manual switching functions "driving - tilting of cargo bay". When cargo bay is lifted, the side automatically opens. 
The cargo bay is mounted on a separate frame and fixed to six connectors to the truck chassis. So you can easily replace it with another element.
The trailer is made similar to a truck.


What happened, I can upload only one photo:damn:

And why I have only two posts and not one topic, new member...:damn:*huh*:ugh:

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Wow, what a brilliant design! :thumbup: It looks great even despite the size - even pure legal connections could make a trick. Well done jaschka xxl !

Regarding photos - try or resources. You may upload a lot of photos (I really wait for it) without consuming of free space at the forum (it's quite limited and I feel that Jim is coming :wink:).

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1 hour ago, jaschka xxl said:

Hi Jim

Please delete this topic((MOC) Little truck with a trailer) and this profile jaschka xxl. This is my very old profile and I never used it. I do not need it
Thank you.


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