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[MOC] Roast Mutton...

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Hello! This is my second of 19 builds I will be doing, where I will be building my way through the Hobbit story, one chapter per build, I will do this over the course of the year...

Anyways, about the build, this is one of the bigger Roast Mutton scenes I have seen, and is on a 52 x 53 quarter irregular base.


Here are some more pics:







Here are some WIP pics:




And here is the main pic again:


This project started out pretty quickly, then kinda slowed down... I also had to clean my lego room, which surprising or not, took me about a week and a half to do... Another issue I faced, is the trolls themselves, as you can see, I am pretty bad with making brick-built creatures... :P I really struggle with that, and these (Which isn't great...) are my best brick-built creatures yet, otherwise, this IMO is a pretty good, and detailed moc...

C&C Appreciated!

To God be the glory!

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