My Buwizz finally arrived yesterday.The Buwizz itself works great, but being of the Nintendo generation, I'm not really comfortable using a touch screen.
Thanks to Eurobrick user imurvai's app, the Sbrick can be controlled using a gamepad. So I was thinking, why not connect the Sbrick to the Buwizz? I tried to make a video showing the the difference between the 8878 Lipo and BuWizz's fast speed mode. The difference in performance may not seem remarkable, but this video doesn't do justice to the Buwizz. My little hatchback went from a Lada to a Ferrari      It may of course seem unnecessary to use both the Buwizz and the Sbrick,but the fast speed mode was the reason why I supported BuWizz. Until someone comes up with a gamepad app for Buwizz, this is a very satisfying solution to me