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So after patiently waiting, my Tiny Tactical order finally arrived. I've been told it takes so long for their stuff to come in because they actually produce each order as it comes in. I am impressed with the quality of everything. Every little pouch carries so much detail its insane. The one kit I built resembles my real world kit perfectly minus the camo color. 

Two downsides for everything they sell:

1. You need to use tweezers for every piece of gear and placement with the glue. You have to do a dry run with all of the gear placement before you do any gluing as the glue basically melts the pouches to the rig so if you misplace one item, you're basically screwed.The chemlights were probably the hardest thing to maneuver and place on the rigs as you have to slide each one into the bungee and then glue them to the rig. 

2. Price- as nice as this stuff is, it does come with a hefty price tag. Given the prices, this would not be a viable option for outfitting more than a few minifigs unless you have a lot of money to throw away. I decided to do an experiment with mine in buying plate carriers from as they are literally 1/3 of the cost of the plate carriers from TT. @Stash2Sixx and I were unsure if this would work so I took a gamble. It wound up paying off and they worked out pretty well. So you can save by getting your PCs from, but then you obviously have to paint everything unless you leave it in black. I tried this with their modular plate carrier that they sell pouches for and also with the molded one since it lacks any external pouches. A little sanding and xacto knifing was required. 

Overall, I'm happy with the way they turned out. Definitely a learning experience and I would do some things differently if I decide to purchase more from them in the future. 

End Results.

35194572900_6940a584fb_c.jpgGreat Brick War- Tiny Tactical Gear on Plate Carriers. by Jesse Beeze, on Flickr

34772399263_f350851f52_c.jpgGreat Brick War- Tiny Tactical gear on Plate Carriers. by Jesse Beeze, on Flickr

35581307355_72e82fbaf2_c.jpgGreat Brick War- Tiny Tactical gear on Plate Carriers. by Jesse Beeze, on Flickr


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Some more test to find the correct colors for the PVC stickers. I blackened a part of image as those stickers are for a side build of the next campaign :pir-laugh:ht




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I finally got some better equiments for mi figs to wear !

Let me introduce you the new Deland Republic troups !


The 2nd Transmission Regiment in operation aroud Carrefour.


The 3rd Regiment of Motorised Infantry controlling some Carrefour key checkpoints.

Just me messing around with some new fig equiments. More to come soon ! :laugh:


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9 hours ago, Tom Bombadil said:

PMCs for hire...

Nice collection! You're welcome to join us anytime!

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