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[SoNE Ep. XIV] Muunilinst - Family

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Personnel Files:



Pom Be, Stormtrooper TK-8554, callsign "Fiend"
Rookie Stormtrooper assigned to Razer Squad, led by Sergeant Tarina Dooze.

Tarina Dooze, Stormtrooper Sergeant TK-947, callsign "Sadist"
Leader of Razer Squad, which, while not considered an elite Imperial unit, has developed a reputation for being exceedingly ruthless under Tarina's leadership. 

Sever Gohlan, Stormtrooper TK-4444, callsign "Sparkles"
Veteran Razer Squad Stormtrooper.

Corren Goohee, Captain of the Imperial Carrack class cruiser Seeker
An aging Imperial naval officer with no notable achievements, assigned to a second line Imperial starship. Oversees Razor Squad.



Currently, in the city of Harnaidan on Muunilinst...

33467986655_de52c9f85d_t.jpg     Just so you know, I could order the driver to return and pick us up.  There's no reason we should have to walk there.

33467985835_5b1445ab3c_t.jpg     The last time I was home was before I graduated from the academy, father.  I just wanted to take our time and see the neighborhood.  See?  Here's a bank branch that mother used to oversee.


33467986655_de52c9f85d_t.jpg     <sigh>  Your mother would have been proud of the both of you.  

33467985835_5b1445ab3c_t.jpg     I know, father.

33427288186_c7f7c03614_t.jpg     I miss her terribly.  Though I was forced to recuse myself from the investigation, the Imperial ministry still keeps me updated on their progress out of courtesy.  I suspect it was these Muuns.  They would do anything to make a profit, and I bet that your mother discovered that they were illegally offering credit to those rebels during an audit.

33467985755_412b366160_t.jpg     There's still no concrete evidence, father.  We don't even have names.  Any word from Sindeen?

33427288186_c7f7c03614_t.jpg     I haven't heard from your sister since she left Imperial forces to track down your mother's murderer.  Such a waste, too.  She was just promoted to captain and threw it away to become one of those bounty hunters.  If only she were more like you and put more trust in the system.  She was always too impulsive.

33467985755_412b366160_t.jpg     Sometimes the system works too slow.

33467986655_de52c9f85d_t.jpg     Great.  You're starting to sound like your sister.  Speaking of throwing careers away, you do realize that I could have you reassigned to a more prestigious unit?  This Razer Squad sounds like nothing but butchers.

33467985755_412b366160_t.jpg     I'll find my own way, father.

33467986655_de52c9f85d_t.jpg     And now you sound like your mother.

33467985835_5b1445ab3c_t.jpg     Anyway, father, let's move on.  It would be a shame if they closed before we got there.

33467986655_de52c9f85d_t.jpg     Now you're in a hurry?  I could order the driver...

33467985835_5b1445ab3c_t.jpg     We just need to pick up the pace a bit, father.

33467986655_de52c9f85d_t.jpg     I never understood your fascination with this cafe.

33467985835_5b1445ab3c_t.jpg     It's the only place around here that offers the blue milk drink I like so much.  Come come, let's move on.







Comments and criticisms are all welcome!

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Really nice build, especially like the sign and the brick built figures

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I like it, the red really stands out and the columns are reminiscent of modern day banks. I like how you achieved the curving at the top too. One suggestion on the 2 4x12 black plates is to throw a 2x12 or something along the seem to prevent light leak. I really like the sense of city life in the first picture.

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I love your brickbuilt Aurebesh letters! Where's the dad's torso from?

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That dude on the roof is worrying me, what's he up to? Besides being up there :tongue:

Those tall aliens, i'm assuming Muuniinsts? They are oddly horrifying, if i saw one i'd run the other way. 

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On 3/18/2017 at 6:21 PM, MKJoshA said:

Where's the dad's torso from?

General Hux from Kylo Ren's Shuttle.

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The lettering is really cool. I do get more of a strip club vibe from the building, maybe because of the intense red color, but it could be that my mind unnaturally goes there when I see your building style (I have no idea how I would get that impression) :) A more muted color scheme may have helped, but I like what you were going for with the architecture. Great job with the brick-built figs

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