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I had hoped for new potc line - besides the new ship that is - if it isnt based on some license I doubt we will get anything serious any time soon. Probably just another rehash - treasure island, outpost-mini fort, ship - maybe some monkeys ☺

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On 17.5.2017 at 1:25 PM, Dreamweb said:

Count me in as the one who thinks we will have some new pirate sets when the 30th anniversary is here.

What I would really like to see is a smaller ship with completely new narrow hull pieces, similar to the old Imperial Flagship or Armada Flagship...

I also think, that a narrower shiphull would be a nice thing. There would be place for a second ship in  a lineup without having two ships too similiar in size without having an 'Imperial Flagship' type one (Although it was only 120 or 140€ back then). The alternative would be planning two waves of pirates (What a dream) with one big fortress and one ship each. After trying to build some of the sets I imagined in LDD(I should upload pictures) I think that a new raised groundplate would be really usefull, but I don't think TLC still likes them.

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