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[COR-CH5E-PT2] The Sacrifice

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From the Logs of Dr. Abigail Joyce, Wayfarer Trade Company's chief explorer.

Day 42

"It took us several days of exploring in the jungle before we found the natives. They appeared peaceful, at first. They greeted us cordially, and through an interpreter, one asked us to attend a ceremony. If it brought us closer to the Gold, we were happy to oblige."

33370192905_797975860c_z.jpgTreasure trove by North White, on Flickr

"Through the jungle we went, following a past that went past a burbling stream. Further expeditions would be able to identify the many new species of plants and birds that swarmed the jungle. I must confess, however, that I was not the ideal Corrington scientist. I had student debt, and I could really use a cut of the gold to pay them off."

32987493400_d0a0e9e2b3_z.jpgTreasure trove by North White, on Flickr

"We all gathered in front of a platform, covered in gold. A glittering chest full of gold sat above us, an alter for their heathen gods. We were so close then. I began formulating a plan in my mind."

33370193215_c87c81c310_z.jpgTreasure trove by North White, on Flickr

"They Natives brought out a hostage, a thin man who appeared to be of Mardien descent. He seemed frightened."

32527153754_4accb805e1_z.jpgTreasure trove by North White, on Flickr

"The Native priests threw him over the alter. Slowly, the high priest raised his blade."

33329434026_5b8100cff6_z.jpgTreasure trove by North White, on Flickr

"We watched in silent horror as the Priest brought the knife down. Our interpreter explained. The Gold must be blessed with blood."

33370197205_e6a6119726_z.jpgTreasure trove by North White, on Flickr

"When the priest was finished, the body was cast over the side, into a pile of bones."

32527153454_afd7d3bc41_z.jpgTreasure trove by North White, on Flickr

"Our interpreter told us that we would speak to the King now that the ceremony was finished. Clearly, we had to take the gold from these Heathen savages. But where were the other Mardiens?"

33214714072_96ecab821a_z.jpgTreasure trove by North White, on Flickr


Thank you for viewing the second installment of Challenge 5 part E. This is my 32x32 entry. C&C appreciated. I want to ask you guys though, am I making these to violent? I've definitely have been going for a PG13 rating because we're all adults here, but I'm not sure if people enjoy that. Let me know if you do or don't like that.


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Nice second installment Mesabi. It will be interesting to see how you make the conclusion fit into a 16x16!

I like how you have done the waterfall, and the red tree adds a nice variation to the colour scheme. Also the line about student debt made me laugh! Good one!

It's good of course how it is, but if you are interested here are some recommendations that I think could add to the scene.

With the vegetation, I would suggest more of it. Buy as much green stuff as you can afford and go nuts! Failing this, maybe try and vary the level of the ground a bit using plates, if you make the creek your lowest point, and build up a the banks with plates and maybe slopes until you reach around one brick high, I think that will add more depth to the scene (does that make sense?).

Also several of your shots look to be a bit out of focus, particularly the one just before the sacrifice from the perspective of the natives looking down, maybe try a re-shoot? Not sure what your limitations are photography wise, but I'd suggest more (indirect) lighting if possible (to light the shots and eliminate the shadows), and if you get a large piece of flexi white card, or even a well ironed sheet, you can eliminate the black crack from the back of the photo by attaching it to the wall then bending it down on a curve to the surface (again not sure if that makes sense).

Anyway nice entry, I look forward to the conclusion!


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Interesting story, neat build, and good collection of minifigs (and one-piece tree trunks!) It's an intriguing tale, but regarding your question about violence: just do what you're comfortable with, and you'll probably be fine. EB is pretty tolerant.

Ayrlego has given quite a bit of advice, but I will echo one thought: more vegetation would certainly help. You can never have too much greenery or other plant material (like flowers) so if you have a way to get more, I recommend it for scenes like this. But of course that's up to you!

Keep it up. :thumbup:

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