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Bloodline is alright. It's not very realistic in terms of political progression following a civil war. I don't give a damn what universe it is, no competent government would make the defense forces so hilariously weak. People also ignore that Leia created her own private army just because the Republic was wary of war. Sounds more like SS to me. They shouldn't be the resistance if they are supposed to be the dominant power in the galaxy. Too many plot holes.


Nice build though. The build could use a lot more detail in my opinion. Maybe some layering for the sand.

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Thanks To be honest the sand of the background was something I churned out quickly to complement the speeder and link the cannon to the flag as most of my at hand dark tan tiles are in my entry to the zombie contest which I haven't finished yet.


As for bloodline I went in with low expectations as it was the first new cannon book I had read and it exceeded the my expectations and Ransolm Casterfo is now one of my favourite star wars characters alongside Tarkin , Lando and ( I'll let you guess this one ). I got the impression that the defense forces were so weak as the first order supporting centrists wanted to kept it weak and so did the more paranoid populists so together they forced everyone into pretending that it was all fine, when of corse it wasn't. Leia made her own army because that's was her whole life until the empire fell ,not saying that was the best choice but it goes with her character (kinda away I agree its not perfect) and calling it the resistance might have been because she was used to being in a rebellion (though I think that problem was just dumped it on by the force awakens) The best thing about bloodline is that is kinda helps fix the force awakens(which should have shown more new republic or at least explained it before it got (mostly) destroyed) , my main gripe with bloodline is that it is very black and white ,populists good centrists bad, though that maybe due to Leia's warped perspective. 


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Yes there was a reason

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