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[COR-CH5E-PT1] The Suckerfish

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From the Logs of Abigail Joyce. Wayfarer Trade Company's Chief Explorer.

Day 1.

32555851463_f269c415da_z.jpgTreasure trove by North White, on Flickr

"I had met with Captain Mesabi beforehand about arranging this voyage. He was a grizzled veteran, a little eccentric, but seemed willing to fund my voyage. He kept mentioning his hatred of Oleon, and how exploring a mysterious island for gold would be a really good way to hurt Oleon. He agreed to get me a ship, troops and supplies. Today, was the day we launched."

33214710302_bf5459a401_z.jpgTreasure trove by North White, on Flickr

"The Marshall and the Governor's Accountant joined us on the deck of the Suckerfish the small ship that I was given for the passage to the Island of Gold. They both looked a bit annoyed at the occasion. I overheard them talking amongst themselves. 'Is it really a good idea to send marines on a voyage to a completely unknown island?' Asked the accountant. 'I don't think it's a good idea either, but these men are completely expendable.'"

33370196255_43acd79377_z.jpgTreasure trove by North White, on Flickr

"Captain Mesabi handed me a map. 'Godspeed Dr. Phillips. May Poseidon grant you a safe journey.' He smiled, and the three men boarded the dingy and left. We soon set off for new lands."

32555851763_05425d1c4c_z.jpgTreasure trove by North White, on Flickr

"I adjourned to my cabin. I had maps to study. Preliminary reports from fishermen and Mardien intercepts told of Natives that were friendly and rich in gold. What would this strange new land hold? Only time would tell."


Thanks for viewing my first installment in the Category 5E challenge. This is my unlimited size build. C&C appreciated. I currently have no plans to license this vessel. I may modify it to be a class 5F, but I'm not sure what the exact rules are for licensing challenge builds.



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a) Nice color choices and minifigs

b) Nice story

but c) I am sure you can put a bit more effort on the ship building (at least a sail or something similar would greatly enhance the looks). And remember, If you ever need help on shipbuilding, our experts at Shipwrights Guild Hall will gladly answer any of your questions 

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