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Wayfarer Trade Company

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I Captain Mesabi, Hereby establish the Wayfarer Trading Company.

33225901601_073c93c8b2.jpgWayfarer Trade Company by North White, on Flickr

I intend the WTC to be a Corrington nationalist trade company. The days of sharing the waves with Eslandola should come to an end. Corrington should come first, and it must be us who discovers the new world.

Wayfarer is open to all members of Corrington, Eslandola, and the Sea Rats. Oleon members need not apply.

Currently, we have 1 member.


Currently, we have 3 Ships.

Bad Blood

Icarus Returning

The Suckerfish (Not Licensed)

I know that I am a new member to the Brick Seas, and I do not expect to receive any monopolies anytime soon or even acknowledgment from the crown. I will, however, do my best to create a Trade corporation for those who favor Corrington.


Each Share of Stock grants the right to 1% of the Profit from Wayfarer Trade Company, and any contests the Chief Shareholder Wins.

There are currently 39 shares of Stock Available.

I am selling each piece of stock for 50 Doubloons. Anyone interested please PM me.


Mesabi: 90 shares

Brickwolf: 10 shares

Edited by Mesabi

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Dear Mr. Mesabi,

I, Lord Maximilian Damaximus, in name of MAESTRO, would like to wish your newly found WTC all the best in their ventures and are looking forward to future business opportunities between our TC's.

Dear regards,

Lord Maximilian Damaximus,

CEO of MAESTRO, Governor of La Sombra, Duke of Stedor, Prince(-in-law) of Eslandola.

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