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[COR-FB] Warehouse

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Captain Mesabi stood outside of the overgrown warehouse he had just purchased. He had spent all of his money now, but his plan was complete.

32538870953_bb5379d183_z.jpgWarehouse by North White, on Flickr

Two Soldiers approached carrying a chest. Captain Mesabi was surprised.

"What's this?"

33312141336_0741050101_z.jpgWarehouse by North White, on Flickr

The Soldier's dropped the chest. "It's a gift." one of them said.

32970251450_0a73fc9c2a_z.jpgWarehouse by North White, on Flickr

"From who?"

"Major Dirk Allcock sends his regards and 100 doubloons.

"Tell him he has my eternal thanks."


Thanks for viewing my latest build! It's not my finest MOC, but I'm happy with it, and it's a good place to leave my story for March. Thank you to @Ayrlego for the gift. C&C appreciated, as always.

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It's a small warehouse, but it has character. I like the overgrown look and the irregular color and texture of the wall. Nice figure posing, and good job working your EGS financing into the story/build. :thumbup:

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I agree, I hadn't considered an IC option when I made the transfer - great idea!

In that regard, please find the following note with the gold.


Jameston, March 617

Dear Captain Mesabi,

Word has reached me of your ambitions in this New World, and how you are constrained by a limitation in funding. Being of the strong believe that if as individuals we are prosperous, so is the empire, please find enclosed an obligation free gift. I trust you will use it to the benefit of the Crown.

Yours sincerely,

Dirk Allcock, Major

Governor of the Paradise Isles

Long Live the Queen!

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You did a good job on portraying the warehouse as overgrown. The wall also looks really good. However, I suggest making the ground more uneven; try a little texturing and layering. A path would also be nice. 

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