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[COR-FB] Icarus Returning

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It was another sunny day in Arlinsport. The breeze blew gently, stirring the hair of Captain Mesabi.

33278612686_5b0ee6cbcb_z.jpgIcarus Returning by North White, on Flickr

"I expect that you think this will convince me to write favorably about Wayfarer Trading Company to the Queen?" Asked Marshall Booker

"Nonsense, Marshall. I am simply having you tour my fine new vessel." Said Captain Mesabi

33278612296_160de76dc8_z.jpgIcarus Returning by North White, on Flickr

"You should do what your conscience tells you to do. It's what I do."

"Is that what possessed you to decorate a ship with the bones of Oleonese peasants? Replied Marshall Booker

"Bah, someone spoiled the surprise." Said Captain Mesabi

33278614206_a2fa48e3b4_z.jpgIcarus Returning by North White, on Flickr

The rowboat reached the figurehead of the Icarus Returning, a skeleton with wings. Th Marshall shuttered at the sight.

33319281605_8f0466edac_z.jpgIcarus Returning by North White, on Flickr

They pulled up alongside the vessel.

33278613166_be345d4cce_z.jpgIcarus Returning by North White, on Flickr

"Ahoy Captain!" a man in a brown cap called out to the rowboat.

"Marshall! Meet Bo'sun Jacobs! he my first officer."

"Pleasure, Marshall!" Bo'sun Jacobs said cheerily.

The two climbed aboard the ship, while the oarsman stayed in the boat.

33191442701_b49e522164_z.jpgIcarus Returning by North White, on Flickr

"I'll show you around Marshall. The Icarus Returning  is a state of the art ship." Said Captain Mesabi proudly

"Decorated with dead bodies." Said Marshall Booker coldly.

"The Icarus Returning does happen to be decorated with remains extracted from an Oleonese cemetery." Replied Captain Mesabi calmly.

"Zeus, are you trying to start a war? You know how the Oleonese feel about relics. Personally, I don't believe any of that mumbo jumbo, but this could cause a serious diplomatic incident!"

"I told him it was bad luck." Chimed in Bo'sun Jacobs

"We cannot negotiate with the Oleonese. They are the enemy. I saw what they did in the Juniper War, and that's license enough to go grave robbing. And Jacobs, we've talked about this. The spirits of the dead protect this ship, not curse it."

"Just show me the ship." Said Marshall booker.

"Right then."

32476654114_620ce9f26d_z.jpgIcarus Returning by North White, on Flickr

"Here we have the tail gun, and where the crew takes shelter in heavy weather."

"Impressive. How many guns does the ship have in total?" Asked Marshall Booker

"Seventeen. Five heavy cannons, six deck guns. four mortars, and two swivel guns." Replied Captain Mesabi proudly.

33191442531_0b9d1979cc_z.jpgIcarus Returning by North White, on Flickr

"And here we have the secure cargo room. For valuables of course." Said Captain Mesabi. "This is a class five 'T' vessel. It's built for trade."

"Not my area of expertise." Added Marshall Booker.

33164059352_2e2796bbce_z.jpgIcarus Returning by North White, on Flickr

"So what do you think?" Asked Captain Mesabi

"She's an impressive vessel. Dead bodies aside." Said Marshall Booker begrudgingly.

"You have no taste in decor, Marshall."

33164059792_c3f1d54687_z.jpgIcarus Returning by North White, on Flickr


Thanks for reading, C&C appreciated. Icarus Returning was built out of the QAR and I recently renovated it for BoBS. It is a class 5T, which I hope to license before the next MRCA.

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