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[COR-FB] The Captain's Daughter

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It was another beautiful day in Arlinsport, as Captain Mesabi walked down one of the side alleys to his favorite tavern. Hurricane season was coming. So he knew he should enjoy days like today.

33296137505_e67d656dc6_z.jpgThe Captain's Daughter by North White, on Flickr

He entered the Captain's Daughter. He had never liked the name. But the environment was pleasing and the company was good.

"Two please," He asked the bartender. Two red mugs were handed to him and filled to the brim with rum.

"Yah betta settle up yer tab soon Mesabi. Else I'll send the gov'ners men aft' yah." The Bartender said

Captain Stared hm down. The Bartender recoiled.

"I have until the end of the month. You wouldn't want to lose your best patron would you?" said Captain Mesabi in a tone that could chill the bone.

"Right then." The bartender glared at him as he walked away.

33296137275_304db1bb99_z.jpgThe Captain's Daughter by North White, on Flickr

Captain Mesabi sat down. Soon, who he was waiting for arrived.

33168092331_4feeba071b_z.jpgThe Captain's Daughter by North White, on Flickr

The accountant sat down. "I must say, I'm a little curious about why you wanted to meet me. Especially after yesterday." The accountant said.

"Right. Sorry about that." Captain Mesabi said. "Let's start over, what's your name?"

"Darby Tyler the third." Darby still looked a bit unsettled.

33255372756_a34a54ebd7_z.jpgThe Captain's Daughter by North White, on Flickr

"Let me tell you some of my story. I first saw combat in the Juniper war. I won't tell you what happened then, but it was the kind of thing that changes a minifigure." Captain Mesabi said, in a dismayed tone.

"Okay..." Darby looked still more unsettled.

"Afterwards, I became a member of the Queen's Guard. I was a palace guard for about six years before I transferred out here." Captain Mesabi said

"Look, I came here in the hope that you were going to tell me you were going to apologize, and then tell me you were giving up on your plan." Darby said,

Captain Mesabi took a large gulp of rum. "I dd apologize, and if you'd let me finish.."

33296136165_a6f0af918d_z.jpgThe Captain's Daughter by North White, on Flickr

Darby interrupted him. "A Joint Stock Company is not something you should be doing! You have no business experience! You have 25 Doubloons total which you already sank into a headquarters! You have 1 class C ship. What are you going to do?"

Captain Mesabi answered. "I wanted to give you a job."

Darby replied. "Wait What?"

"I need someone to run the day to day operations, crunch numbers, dispatch ships while I work on the, well, bloodier aspects of running a JSC."

"You clearly don't know what you're doing."

"Alright, I don't. That's why I'm looking for people who do. You'd make a great addition to The Wayfarers Stock Company."

"You're insane"

"Will you at least consider it?

"Fine." Darby put his hand over his head in exasperation and walked out. He hadn't even touched his Rum.

33140671882_05262a7058_z.jpgThe Captain's Daughter by North White, on Flickr

"Kids these days are so wasteful..."


C&C appreciated, I based the tavern off of The London Escape, and stole a lot of the pieces to the build from it. This is the second property I will license this month, and since its my first small one its free!

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A very interesting story. I'll be interested in seeing where it goes.

The build is nice as well. I appreciate the use of different types of bricks to create a cobblestone road in front, and the use of the masonry and round bricks help add some good details to the building. If you want the building to appear older or weathered, I'd recommend using some SNOT techniques to put some studs or tiles on the side. In addition, using slope and inverted-sloped bricks can be used to create cracks in the wall (if you want a really old building).

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your next MOC.

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Good story and nice build, Mesabi - glad to have you amongst our ranks!

I think the exterior is a good interpretation of the London Escape. A bit more life on the street would liven up the scene a bit.

Your interior has a lot of nice details and furniture, but still looks a little blank. Perhaps tiling the floor, or giving it some sort of texture (eg. different colours for carpets or floor tiles/boards) would help this. Some more tables and guests might also help giving it some life. And I would probably have given the upper floor some sort of railing! You don't want drunken redcoat sailors landing in your rum! :pir-wink:

Looking forward to seeing how your story develops! :pir-blush:


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