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[K-F09] The Listening post

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Location: Arium Minor F09

Tags: Civil building

"Well, we're here," said Captain Mesabi

32392903274_d1a76f6c6b_z.jpgListened post on Arium by North White, on Flickr

"We'll get in through the secret entrance."

"Where's that? asked Rusty

"It's a secret."

They entered the building and walked to the bank of computers.

33195479156_9deb67c2b3_z.jpgListened post on Arium by North White, on Flickr

Captain Mesabi logged into the computer.

"Is it bad my password is guest?" Asked Captain Mesabi

"Ruff" Said Scruffy disapprovingly.

"Well, it's easy to remember!"

32422334883_719c9d399a_z.jpgListened post on Arium by North White, on Flickr

"Alright, according to the computer, the Doctor is being visited by Lu Caslaug-Hing on Arium Major." It's got Coords too."

"Great! Let's go!" Said Rusty

33080472282_525307857b_z.jpgListened post on Arium by North White, on Flickr

Captain Mesabi sat down.

"Actually? What's the point? Kawashita has lost this war. Kawa operatives have gone MIA all over the board. Agent Raven, Comander Brik, Both MIA. Koro, MIA. There's no one left. No one cares if we do this. We might as well just live in this listening post and hope things get better."

"Captain, what are you saying?"

"That we should give up. We could become earth soldiers, or pirates"

"Captain, we have a job to do, and I don't know about you, but we have Octans to kill. I can't promise you we'll win. But we have a duty."

"Yeah yeah. Let's just get to the pickup site."


Shot of the whole interior

33237204665_39f44cc129_z.jpgListened post on Arium by North White, on Flickr

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