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[O - F10] - Uploaded

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Location: Arium Major - F10

Tags: Civil Building

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John Hannibal died many months ago at the hands of MANTIS brutes, but before he died portions of his brain were mapped and uploaded by MANTIS spies. Unbeknownst to the operatives, Hannibal had recently synced with Dora, his loyal AI, which remained conscious. Dora slowly multiplied throughout the MANTIS and Kawashita intelligence networks. dispersing Hannibal's memories to find their way back to Octan scientists, one infected upload at a time.

Extraction 1.1

Extraction 1.2

Extraction 1.3

Extraction 1.4

Extraction 1.5

The Ghost in the Machine (LucasLaughing)

No Turning Back (LucasLaughing)


Shutting down the system (LucasLaughing)

Extraction 2.1

A Friend on Forring (Zaael)

Z on Forring

An old friend (Pombe)

Hombre on Donwarr

Long time ago on a plant far far away (WickNole)

Visiting Wick on Arium Major

With the help of CLAPPIE and Lu, some of Hannibal's consciousness is alive in a new body. While his friends have helped him free his memories from enemy networks, he is still searching for a way back to his former self. 

[Kevin, Octan HR] - ...that's great, John, really great. So I've got you booked with Dr. Igorvich for tomorrow morning, Axis time, of course! Ha ha. The facility is in one of our designated legacy buildings in history Arium Major. Red building, can't miss it. Super quaint and cozy, you're going to love it.

This is really going to be great for you John, I'm so jealous. Your company insurance plan is picking up all of the expenses, naturally, right. Ha. Apparently the good doctor already has the perfect body ready for you. And you'll be ten years younger! What a deal! Really, sooo jealous...

[Hannibal] - Are you sure we're not jumping into this a little too quickly? I haven't heard back from Lu yet and...

[Kevin] - John. Do you know how valuable you are to this company? Would I risk the well being of one of our own executives? 

Here's the thing... Now, this is me taking off my beat up ole HR hat and putting on the dusty PR hat... We really can't have any more face swapping incidents like last week. I'm told poor Mr. Nole is still having nightmares and those blessed children on their way to the life sciences museum... That is not the face of Octan we'd like to project throughout the galaxy.

But, John. We're going to make things right for you. Dr. Igorvich is renowned in the field of neurosynthesis. It's going to be a quick procedure. In and out, and then guess what... I just booked you for an exclusive bit of R&R on Traig IV! And, I can't say what it is, but there is a really special surprise waiting for you there... Oh, geeze, I've said too much already... Gosh dern, just... You go get yourself fixed up and great things are coming your way, John. You'll see. 

HR, Out!






It really is amazing how the historic district on Arium Major looks like Jedha ;)



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Great building, love the height. The white silo really gives it a great sense of contrast and scale. Can't wait to see how it looks in another universe. :grin:

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